Every Suicide of a farmer, an opportunity for politicians

In a country with a huge population like India, it is common for people to die due to diseases, terrorist attacks and riots. Even before independence, people kept dying due to the above mentioned reasons and are dying even after independence. Sometimes it seems that India should be removed from the status of an agricultural country and made a country dominated by births and deaths. Anyway, seeing the inflation of food items, we have no right to be called an agricultural country.

Although we hold the leaders of India responsible for all the problems of India, but whenever we get a chance, we also try to extract our benefits by breaking the law as much as possible. Today's satire is on the same issue. Even before writing, I felt that this satire could be anti-farmer, so those who love farmers should not read it, but then I felt that it is not anti-farmer but anti-social, so you people should read it.

In some areas of the state, farmers' crops were getting ruined due to unseasonal rains for the last few years. Due to this, the debt of farmers was increasing and then Hausila Prasad committed suicide due to the burden of debt. The issue immediately took on political flavor and the state government hurriedly announced relief money for farmers who had committed suicide. Hausila Prasad's family got a few thousand rupees and farmers started seeing the benefits of suicide.

Concern for life is greater than concern for caste. Not everyone has the heart needed to commit suicide. Therefore, as soon as the wave of suicide started, it immediately fell flat on its face. A few months later, fifty year old Baggad Dada of the village died suddenly. Baggad Dada was very poor and had a family of eight children, how would the family be looked after after his death. The village head suggested an idea to the villagers, why not declare Baggad Dada's death a suicide, this will help his family get money from the government and the family will also benefit.

Arrangements were made to make Baggad Dada's death look like suicide. When the District Collector arrived, the villagers told the entire story behind the suicide. But even the District Collector had not played a trick but the death had happened and if calling it a suicide would benefit the poor then what is the harm in doing good and on top of that, that good is the best which does not involve even a single penny of one's own money. There is a saying that neither paint nor alum should be applied and the color should also become sharp.

After Baggad Dada's death was declared a suicide, all the deaths in the village were converted into suicides. Gradually, the trend of welfare of the poor by taking advantage of this scheme started gaining momentum in the district. Now the situation is that the leader who can get the maximum number of suicide files made can win the election with more votes. It is not that farmers no longer commit suicide in Uttar Pradesh but the actual rate is less than the suicide files.

Note : Work of fiction, not a real news.