Robert De Niro: Unraveling the Scandals and Controversies

Robert De Niro, widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation, has made an indelible mark on the world of cinema. With a career spanning over five decades and an impressive body of work, De Niro has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades. However, like many public figures, he has not been immune to scandals and controversies that have occasionally overshadowed his professional achievements. In this article, we will explore some of the noteworthy scandals involving Robert De Niro.

Part 1: The Tax Troubles

One of the significant scandals involving Robert De Niro is related to his financial matters.

1.1 The Tax Dispute

In 2019, it was reported that De Niro was involved in a legal dispute with a former employee, Graham Chase Robinson, who had worked for his company, Canal Productions. Robinson sued De Niro for gender discrimination, workplace harassment, and wage violations. De Niro, in turn, counter-sued Robinson, claiming that she had embezzled money and mishandled his company's finances.

Amidst these legal battles, news also surfaced about De Niro's contentious divorce from his wife, Grace Hightower. The divorce proceedings were closely watched by the media, further shining a spotlight on his financial matters.

Part 2: Political Statements and Public Criticism

Robert De Niro has never been shy about expressing his political views and opinions. However, his outspokenness has led to controversies, particularly during the Trump administration.

2.1 The "Fk Trump" Controversy

At the 2018 Tony Awards, De Niro made headlines when he took the stage and bluntly stated, "Fk Trump" twice, drawing both cheers and jeers from the audience. The incident stirred debate about the appropriateness of such language at a prestigious event and fueled the ongoing discourse about the division and polarization in American politics.

De Niro's strong anti-Trump stance continued to be a topic of discussion, but it also garnered support from those who shared his political views.

Part 3: Allegations of Discrimination

Scandals involving discrimination have also come to the forefront in De Niro's career.

3.1 Gender Pay Gap

In 2018, during the Sony Pictures hack, leaked emails revealed that Robert De Niro was paid significantly more than his female co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, for their work in the film "American Hustle." This revelation sparked conversations about the gender pay gap in the entertainment industry and called into question the issue of equal pay for equal work.

De Niro himself acknowledged the pay disparity and expressed support for gender equality in compensation.

3.2 The Feud with Trump

De Niro's public feud with Donald Trump was characterized by a series of contentious comments and tweets exchanged between the two. De Niro, an outspoken critic of the former President, made headlines for calling Trump "a punk," "a con," and "a fool."

The ongoing verbal sparring attracted attention from the media and the public, with some applauding De Niro for his outspokenness while others criticized him for his divisive language.

Part 4: Legal Disputes and Business Woes

De Niro has also faced legal issues related to his business ventures.

4.1 The Legal Battle with Canine Company

In 2021, De Niro became embroiled in a legal dispute with the Canine Company, a pet products company. The company filed a lawsuit against De Niro, claiming that he had failed to fulfill his endorsement agreement and accused him of harming the company's reputation by making false statements.

De Niro responded by filing a counterclaim, alleging that he had not been paid the full amount promised under the agreement.

4.2 The Restaurant Woes

De Niro has a notable presence in the restaurant business, owning several restaurants in New York City. However, like many businesses in the hospitality industry, his restaurants faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, De Niro's Nobu restaurant group was involved in a legal dispute with their insurance company, which refused to cover losses due to the pandemic. This lawsuit highlighted the economic impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry.

Part 5: The MeToo Controversy

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, allegations against prominent figures in the entertainment industry came to light, and De Niro faced his own share of controversy.

5.1 The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

In 2018, Graham Chase Robinson, a former employee of Robert De Niro's company Canal Productions, filed a lawsuit against him, alleging sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The lawsuit included allegations of lewd and inappropriate behavior by De Niro.

This lawsuit, in addition to the financial disputes mentioned earlier, contributed to a period of negative media attention for De Niro.


While Robert De Niro's career is undoubtedly marked by his remarkable acting talent and an impressive body of work, it is also punctuated by controversies and scandals that have grabbed headlines. It is important to remember that public figures, like any individuals, can be involved in legal disputes, face criticism for their statements, and be embroiled in financial or business challenges. 

This article serves as an overview of some of the notable controversies surrounding Robert De Niro, but it is essential to approach such topics with a critical and balanced perspective. As with any public figure, the full context of these incidents can be complex and nuanced, and opinions about them may vary widely. It is up to the reader to delve deeper into the details and consider multiple perspectives when forming their own opinions about these controversies.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a definitive account of Robert De Niro's life or career. It is important to note that the following content discusses controversies and scandals involving the actor. We do not certify the entire accuracy of the information presented, and readers are encouraged to verify the details from multiple reliable sources.